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8 Mistakes And How To Avoid Them When Buying A Franchise

July 24, 2023

Scott Lindsay

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When buying a franchise business, it’s crucial to be aware of potential pitfalls and avoid common mistakes that can negatively impact your investment. Here are key mistakes to avoid and strategies to mitigate the associated risks:

Insufficient Due Diligence:

Mistake: Failing to conduct thorough due diligence on the franchise opportunity can lead to unpleasant surprises later on. Inadequate research may result in buying into a poorly performing franchise system or a franchisor with a problematic history.

How to avoid: Conduct comprehensive due diligence by reviewing the franchisor’s litigation history, franchise disclosure document, and speaking with existing franchisees. Engage professional advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, experienced in franchise law to guide you through the process and assess the franchise’s viability.

Lack of Understanding of the Franchise Agreement:

Mistake: Signing a franchise agreement without fully understanding its terms and conditions can expose you to unfavourable obligations or restrictions that may hinder your business growth.

How to avoid: Engage a franchise lawyer to review the franchise agreement and explain its implications. Ensure you understand your rights and obligations, including fees, territory rights, renewal and termination clauses, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Negotiate any unfavourable terms to protect your interests.

Inadequate Financial Planning:

Mistake: Failing to develop a comprehensive financial plan can lead to unexpected expenses and inadequate cash flow, potentially jeopardising the success of your franchise business.

How to avoid: Ask the franchisor for a cashflow template that includes financial benchmarks related to Cost of Goods and Operational Expenses. Prepare a detailed financial projection that includes all anticipated costs, such as franchise fees, royalties, marketing expenses, inventory, employee wages, and overheads. Factor in a contingency fund to cover unforeseen circumstances. Seek guidance from a financial advisor to ensure your financial plan is realistic and sustainable.

Neglecting Franchisor Support and Training:

Mistake: Not fully utilising the support and training provided by the franchisor can hinder your ability to run the business effectively and capitalise on the franchise system’s resources.

How to avoid: Take advantage of the training programs offered by the franchisor and actively engage in ongoing support opportunities. Attend all training sessions, utilise operational manuals, and seek guidance from the franchisor’s support team. Build a strong relationship with the franchisor to access their expertise and resources.

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    Ignoring the Market and Location Factors:

    Mistake: Failing to evaluate the local market and choosing an inappropriate location with high rent can adversely impact your business’s potential and profitability.

    How to avoid: Conduct thorough market research to assess the demand for the franchise’s products or services in your target area. Analyse competition, demographics, and customer preferences. Select a location that aligns with the target market and complies with any territorial restrictions defined by the franchisor.

    Overlooking the Franchisee-Franchisor Relationship:

    Mistake: Neglecting the importance of a strong and collaborative relationship with the franchisor can result in inadequate support, lack of communication, and limited growth opportunities.

    How to avoid: Prioritise open communication with the franchisor from the beginning. Attend franchisee meetings, provide feedback, and actively participate in system improvements. Establish a positive working relationship based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

    Underestimating Working Capital Needs:

    Mistake: Underestimating the working capital required to sustain the business in the initial stages can lead to financial strain and hinder your ability to operate effectively.

    How to avoid: Account for working capital needs beyond the initial investment. Consider ongoing expenses such as marketing, staffing, inventory replenishment, and lease payments. Maintain sufficient cash reserves to cover operating costs until the business becomes profitable.

    Over-reliance on Franchisee Projections:

    Mistake: Relying solely on franchisee performance projections provided by the franchisor without conducting independent analysis can lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment.

    How to avoid: While franchisee projections can provide insights, conduct independent research and verify the financial data provided. Speak with existing franchisees to gain a realistic understanding of the potential income, expenses, and challenges associated with the franchise opportunity.

    By avoiding these key mistakes and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies, you can enhance your chances of making a sound franchise investment. Thorough research, professional guidance, financial planning, and a strong partnership with the franchisor are essential for a successful and profitable franchise business.

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